The Journey

My journey has been one that has included decades in Corporate America. I began my journey intent on becoming a retail buyer. When that didn’t work out, I pursued a career in Information Technology. I have Professor Bruce Saulnier to thank for his instrumental wisdom in telling me to take that one additional course to secure an Associate Degree in Data Processing. I remain grateful for that move would enable me to pursue an alternate path that would serve me well for many many years. I was at a good place in my career (making good money, wonderful benefits, traveling the world, eating out a ton) but I wasn’t fulfilled. I felt a gap and so I embarked on a sabbatical to get clarity. That decision would lead me to pursue coaching. Thereafter, I returned to Corporate America and was introduced to Diversity and Inclusion. I fell in love with the volunteer work I was doing and was grateful to build strategic relationships that were instrumental for the next chapter in my career. I was blessed to work for a company that allowed me to try new things and to find an Executive Sponsor willing to bet on me. It was during that time that I realized, I really needed to bet on myself and I had to lean in to my faith to embrace what was to come. And that meant saying goodbye to Corporate America as an employee. That was in 2013. After taking some time off, I was blessed to meet my fiancé Stephen and we have a wonderful daughter Mildred. It became clear to me that I was in a place of healing and restoration. I launched Simone Morris Enterprises in 2015. The business has morphed over time and today the focus is on 2 key tenets:

  • Empowering Women to be in the Driver Seat for their Careers

  • Teaching Inclusion Strategies to the Masses

The focus provides me with the opportunity to teach, coach, and speak to share my messages. I also express my thought leadership on the following platforms:

  • Glassdoor

  • Diversity Best Practices

  • Working Mother

  • AMA Women’s Leadership Center Blog

  • Smart Recruiters


  • Leadercast

  • Profiles in Diversity Journal

  • Forbes

  • Medium

  • Thrive Global

I am also the published author of The Power of Owning Your Career: Winning Strategies, Tools and Tips for Creating Your Desired Career and Achievement Unlocked: Strategies to Set Goals and Manifest Them.

Simone Morris Enterprises is a certified minority and women owned business.