Podcast Episode 8 - Shante Roddy

In Podcast 8, Simone interviews Shante R. Roddy, CEO of Intuitive Risk Management. Shante talks about how her faith allowed her to overcome a tragedy in life and strengthen her resolve and direction as an entrepreneur. In this motivating episode, which is entrepreneur friendly, you’ll be inspired and empowered towards taking ownership of your career.


Key Takeaways from the podcast:

  • Leverage a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) Analysis to assess your vulnerabilities.

  • Read Say Yes book by Shonda Rimes to build your YES muscle. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Go Inward to learn your purpose. Shante is a believer in God and shares her experiences about how God has impacted and directed her journey.

  • Leverage SBA/SBDC as a resource for small business development.

  • Use the everyone is a gift lens when networking.

  • Focus on one thing. Master it! Implement! Then choose something else to focus on. A good rule of thumb when deciding which social media site to focus on. Know where to find your audience.

Listen to the latest episode of the Power of Owning Your Career Podcast today.

Happy Women's International Day

Every year I get excited when February and March roll around. It’s because of two different identities that I hold a deep connection with. I hold my head a little higher as I walk in the footsteps of those who’ve paved a path for me.

  • February - Black History Month

  • March - Women’s History Month

Today, International Women’s Day, I celebrate women everywhere because I know what we are made of.

The following words come to mind:

  • Courage

  • Grit

  • Resilience

  • Strength

  • Passion

  • Determination

  • Love

Take the time today to celebrate the women around you. Give them a high five!


Elevating our Discussion on Racism

The time is now to get involved in community conversations about race relations. This article is a recap of the Community Conversation on Elevating our Discussion on Racism held at the South Norwalk Library on July 27, 2018. Panel moderated by Kevin Knight with panelists covering perspectives from corporations, religious leaders, and community activists married with local audience engagement.

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A Professional Development Is an Investment You Can't Afford to Skip

Investing in your Professional Development is a priority for everyone. When we’re clear on our gaps and opportunties and we create a plan to tackle them, we are setting the stage for success. Learn tips for upping your mindset on the criticality of investing in your own growth.

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10 things to tell yourself when rejected

After a week of receiving multiple rejections (or no thanks), I thought I’d write a post on what to do when rejection knocks on your door or lands in your email or mailbox.  You get the idea. You can run but you can’t hide. We all get news that we wish was otherwise at some point. It’s what we do as a next step that demonstrates our resiliency and contributes to our success.

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Dear Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

I’m writing this letter to revisit a question you asked me in a recent conversation about running a feature on my book.  I responded with feet in mouth struggling to capture a 30 second palatable sound byte or low hanging fruit that had you wanting more or better yet scheduling me for a full blown feature in our local paper.

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