A Star is Born

News 12 interview with Gwen Edwards

This past weekend, I found myself getting ready for my first television interview.  The interview was scheduled for 3 minutes but my mind conceived an elongated Oprah like sit down. And hence the nerves began 2 days before the interview.  You know the one I'm talking about.  Knots in your stomach with an endless string of unhelpful thoughts.  What was I nervous about? The usual! Appearing less than my polished persona speaking in an unintelligible Charlie Brown like manner.  You can picture me opening my mouth and sounding like Charlie Brown when he picks up the phone. Wah wah wah. Appearing disheveled. Mind you the scenario I'm describing would be very uncharacteristic of me but those were the messages my gremlin was feeding me.

So what did I do? I looked to my support team to knock some sense back into me.

My fiancé said "you’ll be great".  It was straightforward to him.  When he tried moving on to other topics, I told him I can’t think of anything else.

My sister responded to my texts saying
"Positive nerves.  You will sparkle as always. You got it, babe."

My entrepreneur support Facebook community rallied around me with loving virtual arms.  They showered me with lovely comments and best advice "be myself."

So all of that should have worked right? It did. Temporarily that is.  On game day, I was back to being nervous Nellie.  You see I was in a fight with my gremlin who had a vice-like hold on my emotions.

As I got ready with hair, makeup and attire, I imagined this must have been how Cinderella felt after her transformation. I know a gross exaggeration but you take the point.  Of course, if you have a niece who is a wizard at makeup like I do, you would wholeheartedly agree. 

Not only did I have to get visually ready, I had to get mentally ready.  Here’s what worked for me and perhaps when you're faced with a basket of nerves for an important moment, you'll remember this advice as well.

  1. A set of Jumping jacks will work wonders.  Exercise releases endorphins so squeeze in a workout.  Due to timing and equipment availability, I was able to get some of my favorite jumping jacks in.  I love them because it takes me back to my childhood and being silly.
  2. I'm a firm believer that spending time by yourself is good medicine. It allows you to lean into yourself and extract the hidden strength that you possess.
  3. Journaling your thoughts is a great way to offload what is weighing down your mind.
  4. A shower is my go-to place for thinking.  I have an affection for water. Find your go-to relaxation place.
  5. Joel Osteen's podcast is always uplifting and puts you in a positive place.
  6. A glance through my book to remind myself I'm the expert on what I've written.  Preparation is always key.

And with that, I was ready for the interview. Phew!

The Waiting Room was more fun than I expected.  I got to meet the other guests on the show and we had a lovely conversation while waiting.  Check out selfies below.

I was the last of 3 guests to have studio time with Gwen Edwards.  She was waiting at the desk, the consummate professional, as I was ushered in.  After saying hello, I took my place and scanned the room to take it all in.  There was nothing discerning about it apart from the colors and the monitors.  Before I knew it, it was time to begin and my three minutes of fame flew by.  I asked myself what was I nervous about and after the fact, I can answer clearly that there's something about the unknown that feeds your imagination to create hallucinations.  As I exited the studio, I took a minute to celebrate the moment.  I had done it.  Hurray Me! Somehow it felt like this was the beginning of a new chapter and that there would be more of these moments in my future.  At least that's what my fiance told me when I got home.

What a wonderful time I had sharing my book.  I feel ready for the next interview.


Source: http://www.simonemorris.com