What would you do with a Get Out of Library Free Card?

Imagine mastering the Dewey Decimal System as a proud 14-year-old girl who landed her first paying job.  That's my story.  Shout out to my first boss Mr. Brown for he was an amazing boss.  I think I was a pretty good employee as well because I was accepted back into the fold after I graduated from college. It was a short-lived reunion however because I was no longer the shy girl wanting to hide behind cards and books. Even though I didn’t continue to work at the library, I had a passion for being around books and taking advantage of the many available resources over the years.

Freebies Galore

The following is a list of free resources available at libraries. Take a look and see what you can take advantage of today.

Free magazines - Not only can you read your favorite magazine for free but the library also has a section for free magazine giveaways. What a wonderful resource to use to update imagery on your vision board.


Free classes (even exercises) - Get some computer classes under your belt at the library. Be sure to check your local listing to see what’s available.  One example of what you can learn is a deeper dive into how you can use google for better searches.  Tai chi is also one of the cool classes I noticed being offered at the library. When I inquired if there was a charge, I was told it was free.


Free childcare events - when I was a new mom, the library was a great resource to discover. There are storytelling classes, music classes and more. The great news here is that you introduce your child to a love of reading at a very early age. I cannot tell you the joy I get when my daughter asks to go to the library.  


Free research access - You have the option to book a librarian to help you with your research needs. Imagine having someone guide you through research to write an article or book.


Free downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and music - Did you know you can use the application hoopla to download freebies from the library? The beauty of this application is that it allows you to borrow and return without thinking. For example,  books automatically return themselves as they are removed from your device when they expire. How cool is that? Check out the application called Kanopy as if allows you to download documentaries, courses and independent films all with your library card.

Notice any themes. They all begin with the word free.

What are you using your library for? Please share! Perhaps your library is offering something we can all benefit from.

Source: http://www.simonemorris.com