This is my Story, This is my Song

I committed to investing in learning more about branding because I believe it’s essential for elevating my business to the next level. I recently learned the keys to branding from Andy Henriquez at the National Speakers Association Brand Lab.  After sharing the story of the founder of TOMS shoes and linking it to the discovery of an ultimate branding experience for his customers, Andy shared that there are 3 questions that your audience needs to understand in order to provide for the ultimate branding experience.  It is my goal for all my clients to have an ultimate branding experience with me.   I will be providing an accounting of my experiences along the way. It is my hope that my transparency with my experience will help you on your journey.

Below are my answers to the questions posed by Andy.  My ask is that you read it, and let me know what clarifying questions came up for you if any.  I hope my message will resonate with you.

For the first question, I wanted to share some things that aren’t on my website or in my LinkedIn profile. 

Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you'll never forget her name

Excerpt verse from This Girl Is on Fire by Alicia Keys


Question 1. Who am I?

I, Simone Morris, describe myself as the following:

Visionary Leader

I am passionate about Leadership holistically. I’ve had the opportunity to lead global teams, lead as an intrapreneur and as an entrepreneur.  I have seen firsthand how my vision has manifested and I believe it to be one of my strengths.  One example of this was being able to turn a $5000 budget into $80000 to create an amazing educational experience for 100 people.



I am a teacher at my core. You may have heard me say in the past that my dream to be an educator began at a very early age. However, my path to the place of educating the masses unfolded in a very different way than I imagined. You see I would be traditionally schooled in education but that wasn’t the start of my journey. My journey began in the Retail Industry, a short stop in the Financial industry, over to consumer products goods industry, and another stop in the Technology Sector,  back to consumer products goods for a long stretch and then over to entrepreneurship. 


It was while I was in the Financial industry that my passion for teaching resurrected itself. I remember clearly switching from customer service over to providing internal training courses. That led me to pursue a full-time role as an instructor teaching 16 times a month.  I still was unsure and took a detour to software development and then on to project management.  Training was not to be deterred and I found myself back in the space of teaching.  Today I teach my own courses as well as provide my services in the role of an adjunct faculty.



I have a rock that I carry around. It says inspire.  I love to inspire and motivate others to reach their goals. I motivate and encourage through my coaching, speaking, and My Life My Way Retreats.  If you follow me on social media, it is my hope that you've been motivated by content I've shared.  Additional motivation has been documented in my book Achievement Unlocked: Strategies to Set Goals and Manifest Them.



I’m passionate about achieving my dreams. I believe in the power of vision boards and goal setting and taking consistent actions to see results.



Remember this song, I work, I get the job done! I get it done. Enough said. Ok well, maybe a few more words. I am a big fan of the Nike slogan Just Do It. On a daily basis, it’s my goal to get my goals done which means focusing on consistent action.


Efficiency Expert

I have laser vision to see opportunities for improvement. I practice on myself and I help my clients do the same.


Lifelong Learner

I’m always working on bettering myself. I subscribe to the concept of continual learning to grow oneself. I remind myself that every annual budget I create needs a line item for training dollars allocated to it. That wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, I was waiting for a company to approve dollars for my learning. Today, I realize the necessity of the mindset that I need to be my biggest champion and I am worth the investment. I can help you get creative on how to make that shift if you need help.


Family Woman

I am the product of a lovely family life. I love that we are passionate about celebrating life over food.  I have an amazing support network that I am super grateful for. I consider my closest friends family. I love being a mom to my little girl. It gives me great joy to co-create a life with a loving partner that pushes me to succeed on many levels.


Work in Progress

Last but not least, I am a work in progress. I’m flawed. I believe we all are. The key is to do your best and continue doing the work on allowing your best self to take center stage.

I expect my high level aforementioned raw unedited brain dump will show up in my brand as it morphs.  This was an important question to showcase the woman behind the brand.  I hope you’re as excited as I am to see how this unfolds.  I recommend answering this question for yourself.  It will be a useful input into defining your personal brand, even if you’re not an entrepreneur.


Question 2 - What do I bring to my audience?

I bring my authentic transparent self to my audience. This includes my knowledge, humor and experiences. I am hard-working, reliable, dependable, and results-oriented.   I’m always professional. I share strategies on how to reach your dreams on your terms. I educate on improving organization culture to create a sense of belonging and a highly engaged workforce. I speak words of empowerment to fuel motivation around career management and build confidence.

Question 3 - Why should they care?

I want my audience to care because I care about them and I believe I can help them achieve their goals. I care when they win and I care when they stumble. I want to be that voice that encourages my clients to succeed on their terms and to get back up when they falter. Life is so much better when you have people around you with a positive message cheering you on and you look over and say to yourself someone cared that I made a mark. My mark! That person will be me. Your Empowerment Coach! Your My Life My Way Champion.


What’s Next?

I will be using this raw data to evolve my brand into a brand positioning statement and build a brand story via video. I’d love any feedback you think would be helpful.

Thank you for reading, celebrating, and taking the journey with me.