5 things to consider to find a Mastermind Group that's right for you

“No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”

– Napoleon Hill


Think and Grow Rich Author Napoleon Hill is well known for introducing the concept of mastermind groups.  Mastermind Groups are accountability groups that allow individuals to catapult their success with the assistance of other individuals dedicated to their own growth. Say what?????

In layman's terms, a mastermind group is a support group that helps to motivate you to reach and surpass your goals. This year, I decided to up the stakes in growing my business.  I knew I needed additional education and support to motivate me to stretch myself to exceed my goals.  With that thought in mind, I signed up for 2 mastermind groups. One was an annual commitment and the other was a quarter commitment.  The experience has convinced me that Masterminds make sense.  If used effectively, they are game changers for your personal and professional life.

There's a plethora of Mastermind Groups out there so how do you know what's right for you.  Here are some things to consider when deciding to leverage a Mastermind Group as a strategy for success.

What is your goal?  What do you want to accomplish and what do you need support with? In my case, I was wanting to learn more about the business end of being a Diversity and Inclusion Speaker and Consultant so I sought a Mastermind Group to support that need.  I also wanted additional guidance on the Professional Speaking Business so I enrolled in a Mastermind Group focused around the ins and outs of the speaking business.  It is important to outline your goals up front. Doing so ensure you select the group that will give you the best return on investment.

  1. Where should I look for a Mastermind Group? Google is always a source to consider but one should also consider tapping your network for input on selecting a Mastermind.  Try LinkedIn and Facebook as options for finding out about reputable Mastermind Groups.  You can also ask people that you trust their input.  
  2. Who is leading the Mastermind Group and who are the members of the Mastermind Group? That is something you definitely want to pay attention to. The Leader should be a trusted advisor who is good at facilitation, good at providing additional education for your blind spots, and good at fostering and managing communications between the Mastermind Group. Do not be shy in asking about who the other participants are in the Mastermind Group. This is important because you'll be collaborating and garnering input from these individuals and you want to ensure it's a good fit for you and the goals you've outlined for yourself.
  3. How do I feel when I attend a meeting? Be in tune with how you feel about attending your Mastermind Group meeting.  Are you dreading the meeting? Are you filled with excitement and anticipation to connect and unlock insights that bring about your A game consistently?
  4. Are the Mastermind Group meetings recorded and are transcripts provided to support your learning journey? This is important as you may want the option to go back and revisit concepts discussed in the meetings.  A transcript is a good benefit because if you don’t have the time to re-listen to the meeting, you can always review and search the written transcript at your leisure.
  5. How much time do you have to implement the output from your Mastermind? Be sure to allocate time to process and think through the new insights coming your way.  In addition, allow some time for planning and implementation of your new ideas.


Mastermind Groups are a great strategy for achieving your goals.  It is important to do your homework to ensure that you’ve selected the right Mastermind Group.  As mentioned above, take the time to understand your needs, check out the leader and team members, and ensure that you’re learning, taking action, seeing results and enjoying the journey.


As always, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Please share about your experiences with Mastermind Groups. This allows us to learn and engage with one another.    

Source: http://www.simonemorris.com