Life is precious! Strategies to help one cope with Depression, Anxiety Disorder and more.

Life is indeed precious.  When I hear any news that reinforces life's fragility, it hits me pretty hard.  Meaning reflecting on life is a recurring thought in my mind.  I feel a sense of loss and disappointment for those life's impacted and lost. 

It's a hit that says stand up and take notice.  Lean into gratitude.  Embrace your family. Embrace life. Go out and change the world. Time is of the essence.

This is how I'm feeling after hearing about lives cut short. Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and others. 

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to do a training certification, an opportunity afforded to me through the Stand Beside Them, Inc organization.  I wanted to be of help in this post and I knew there were others studying mental health and providing strategies that may be useful to us as we wonder how can we help someone in need. 

I pulled out my training from Mental Health First Aid USA. 

Did you know that "over 18% of American Adults have an anxiety disorder."

How can you help?

My perspective is that we can help by caring and being empathetic that life is tough for us all.  Some of us are able to navigate better than others.  I know someone that committed suicide and I often roll around the last conversations in my head that I had with the person. I think about how I could have taken more time to check in, listen, and be supportive. 

The Mental Health First Aid Action Plan provides valuable strategies to help with depression and anxiety disorder.  Their action plan states:

  1. Audit the situation and determine the risk of injury to oneself,
  2. Listen without judgment
  3. Be reassuring
  4. Be encouraging of treatment options, and
  5. Encourage the person to help themselves

I think the world would be a better place if we could all strive to do what the late Maya Angelou said, try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.