#Truetoyou - A recap of the Multicultural Women's National Conference

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a facilitator at the Multicultural Women's National Conference hosted by Working Mother Media.  This conference has been held for the past 16 years and this was my first time attending and being a part of the lineup.  It was indeed a great empowering experience.  It reminded me that you have to take every opportunity to engage with your tribe.  My tribe is women.  My mission being to empower women to succeed.  And boy did I have the opportunity to immerse myself in women's empowerment at the Women's Multicultural Conference.  

My key takeaways from the conference was:

1. Be yourself since everyone else is taken said Subbha Barry, CEO of Working Mother Media. The sentence is profound.  So often we are advised to flex our true selves to bend to another definition prescribed upon us.  You see this often in an employment scenarios.  This message is indeed a good reminder to us all to be #truetoyou.  

2. The Same Race Conversation (I facilitated the African American race conversation with other leaders.) was a highlight for me.  Sometimes you feel alone in your journey and being in a room full of others (who look like you) yearning to be successful and sharing the same experiences and challenges is indeed empowering.  This session was about 90 minutes long.  Truthfully, it could have been a whole day. BTW, this conference is not just for multicultural women.  Same race conversations were held with White Women, White Men, and LGBTQ individuals.  Attendees got an opportunity to participate in the group they most associated with.

3. Coaches need coaches too.  I was privileged to take advantage of the Executive Coaching Session held at the conference.  Another perspective is always helpful to shine a light where there is dust and clarity is needed.  Thankful to have learned about two new concepts -- the Chicken and the Brat.  Basically the net result, stop being either one and just soar. Gotcha! 

4. I was really inspired by the stories from the companies receiving the award for Best Companies to work for Multicultural Women.  One company sent 50 women.  Wow! That's quite a statement.  If you follow me on social media, you know I was also inspired by IBM promoting a woman of color to Vice President level while she was on Maternity Leave.  The story warmed my heart and others judging by the thunderous applause following the acceptance speech. 

5. Conferences are always better when the food is great.  Kudos to the Marriott Marquis in Time Square New York.  They did a great job on the food.  

I recommend this conference as one to keep on your radar.  It's an opportunity to learn, network, and feel good about your professional development.  I hope you will consider attending next year.

Here's the link to the conference to gain more information. 



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