Podcast Episode 8 - Shante Roddy

In Podcast 8, Simone interviews Shante R. Roddy, CEO of Intuitive Risk Management. Shante talks about how her faith allowed her to overcome a tragedy in life and strengthen her resolve and direction as an entrepreneur. In this motivating episode, which is entrepreneur friendly, you’ll be inspired and empowered towards taking ownership of your career.


Key Takeaways from the podcast:

  • Leverage a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) Analysis to assess your vulnerabilities.

  • Read Say Yes book by Shonda Rimes to build your YES muscle. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Go Inward to learn your purpose. Shante is a believer in God and shares her experiences about how God has impacted and directed her journey.

  • Leverage SBA/SBDC as a resource for small business development.

  • Use the everyone is a gift lens when networking.

  • Focus on one thing. Master it! Implement! Then choose something else to focus on. A good rule of thumb when deciding which social media site to focus on. Know where to find your audience.

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