What people are saying?


Just want to say "Thank You!"  If it wasn't for your session, I wouldn't have had the confidence to ask for what I want in my contract with a client.  The tips you gave were priceless and very helpful.  I can't thank you enough.

Angela Caraway, Owner, The Caraway Management Group


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for participating in the panel event on Saturday at Sacred Heart. Your insights were invaluable to the students (and me!!) and was tremendously appreciated. I know that the students enjoyed it and felt that the entire event was a great success thanks to your contributions.

Benjamin Thiel, Sacred Heart 2017 Student HR Summit


Simone Morris is a fabulous speaker.

Dorothy McCarten, Power of Leadership Workshop Attendee


You were great Saturday!  Thank you so much for sharing your story and experiences.  The class really got a lot out of your hour with them.

Chuck Presbury
Presbury & Associates LLC


It was a pleasure to have Simone present to our Senior HR Leaders Roundtable and engage us all in great conversation around diversity and inclusion.  Her energetic style, her depth of knowledge and the "fun factor" made it aninteractive and informative meeting for us.  I highly recommend her as an engaging speaker and/or facilitator who will energize your teams and encourage great dialogue around this all important business issue.

Marie Mann
Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Great presentation at the Fall conference. I enjoyed it much.
Scott R. Davis, Communications, Marketing and Leadership Specialist


Awesome and fun presentation this morning! Thanks for sharing your insights with the group.

Richard Kramer, Power of Leadership Workshop Participant


Simone Morris breaks away from the standard job search how-to’s with creative ways to land a job. She points out, it’s important to have a Plan A…and Plan B…and Plan C and quotes John C. Maxwell to highlight that 'plans rarely stay the same, and are scrapped or adjusted as needed.' She’ll admit it’s important to start with the basics – developing a personal brand and marketing plan and building a professional network – but adds that it’s crucial to be adaptable in today’s competitive job market.

They are important concepts, especially since job seekers find themselves “in transition” with no training; after all, who trains for unemployment?

Simone listens and motivates, she recognizes progress, and helps uncover and resolve obstacles that hinder success; then she is likely to suggest some newfangled ideas that job seekers need to realize are legitimate cutting-edge tools – like exporting LinkedIn data to Excel, using Twitter, and publishing online.

With poise and insight, Simone offers a beacon of light in what can all to easily become the black hole of unemployment.

Erikka Brickey, Co-Lead, Mondays At 7


The difference I feel right now, compared to when I started coaching with Simone, is that I have someone who will help me to continue climbing, whatever that journey is and I have more focus and clarity.

Simone's coaching has helped me to appear happy, energetic and enthusiastic, but to also truly feel it.  With the nudge of her simple exercises, I am amazed at how quickly I am adopting to the new way of positive thinking.  Our coaching sessions are so liberating; my body and my soul experience astonishing transformation filled with hope, strength and courage.  It is amazing!

A.U., Connecticut


Working with Simone has been an amazing experience.  Through Simone's guidance, I have begun to ask myself questions that I never would have before.  I think about myself and what I want out of life in a completely different way.  After only a few sessions with Simone, I have begun to come to realizations about who I am and why.  Simone has done a fabulous job of blending professionalism with genuine interest and concern to create a style of Life Coaching that allows me to feel comfortable.  I feel fortunate for the changes she has helped me to make within myself. 

J.D., Massachusetts


I wanted to let you know of your gift of coaching for me.  I wrote down 20 ways that I could market myself.  Two of them have already brought new dimensions to my work and ability to make money.  This exercise has begun to give me confidence in my work, my abilities, and my direction. 

K.L., Connecticut