My Life My Way Retreats are educational events designed to provide women a sacred space for goal setting and action planning. They were created by Simone Morris.  Simone’s journey has taken her from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship.  After several sabbaticals from work to explore and evaluate the need for a deeper contribution to the world, aptitude testing, and encouragement from her fiancé, she embraced a new life path, creating a legacy of hope, success and happiness for her beautiful daughter. Today she shares what she has learned along the way to help other women thrive. 

My Life My Way Retreats are designed to give you uninterrupted time and a loving space with positive energy to create a roadmap for an exceptional year ahead. You’ll get crystal-clear about your top priorities for the year ahead, an action plan for achieving them, vital tools to tap into your inner rock star, access to ongoing support for your goals, and additional insights to free your mind and spirit so you feel unstoppable. This life-changing event is designed to catapult you toward the life you want to live.

About your host:

Master empowerment coach Simone Morris (and guest speakers) will show you how to minimize distractions, maximize progress, put on your big-girl pants, and be the boss of your OWN life, finances, family and career. The best part? You can take what you learn and repeat forever!

About Your Retreat Leader, Simone Morris: 

  • 10+ years’ experience delivering retreats

  • 20+ years project management experience (I know a thing or two about planning and delivering goals)

  • Experienced Instructor & Facilitator

  • A Certified Life Coach

  • Author of The Power of Owning Your Career and Achievement Unlocked: Strategies to Set Goals and Manifest Them

In other words, you're in good hands!  Please email with any questions or concerns that are keeping you from signing up this very minute.