About Us

Simone Morris Enterprises, LLC is a certified woman and minority owned professional services firm with a focus on providing career expertise by providing workshops, programs, consulting, and training. 

Our vision is to equip professional women with the tools and strategies they need to soar in their careers.


In addition, we work with affinity groups on achieving professional development goals for their communities.

Simone E. Morris, CEO

Simone Morris is an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader, consultant and speaker committed to diversifying the workplace, and training women and emerging leaders to take true leadership positions in all aspects of their lives.


Ms. Morris has a background that includes over two decades in Corporate America spanning information technology, commercial strategy and human resources. She holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut.


Ms. Morris serves as a pro-bono coach for the Stand Beside Them non-profit organization providing career coaching to those returning from the Military. She is also a supporter of the Women’s Mentoring Network, providing scholarships for their clients to attend her retreats and workshops to improve their lives.

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Simone Morris Enterprises is an inclusion and career empowerment service. To see other initiatives, visit Simone Morris and Simone Morris Enterprises Academy

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