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We offer programs that start from 3 months onward. Our motto is to inspire and empower women to be the key decision makers in their careers. 

Are you ready for a Career Breakthrough?

It happens to the best of us. We get to a place in our career where we find we are just not happy nor fulfilled and yearning for more. Perhaps some of these examples sound familiar.

  • You are unable to bounce back from career wounds (bad performance review, bad boss, culture challenges, etc.). Instead you find yourself harboring resentment and not sure what to do to release what's essentially bogging you down.

  • You know you need key relationships in your career but you're just not sure how to get people on your team. Heck, you're not all that fond of networking either so this is a low priority on your list.

  • You are more than comfortable showcasing your company brand. You wouldn't even know the first thing about creating or sustaining your own brand. 

  • You have a bare bones profile on LinkedIn. You know it makes career sense to have a profile but you're just not sure where to go from there. How can this platform even help your career? 

You get the gist! You're at a place where you've finally convinced yourself that you need to take a different action to get a different result. That's where Career Coach Simone Morris comes in. 


Learn more about our Career Breakthrough Program today. Click here.

“Simone's coaching has helped me to appear happy, energetic and enthusiastic, but to also truly feel it.  With the nudge of her simple exercises, I am amazed at how quickly I am adopting to the new way of positive thinking.  Our coaching sessions are so liberating; my body and my soul experience astonishing transformation filled with hope, strength and courage.  It is amazing! ” 


A.U - Connecticut

What you can expect from Simone as your career coach?

  • Be supportive of your career goals and vision.

  • Ask you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

  • Listen objectively.

  • Tell the truth - give you straight feedback. I will invite you to look at yourself and your choices differently. 

  • Partner with you to unlock strategies and solutions for your career success.

What is required from you as a coaching client?

  • Be committed to taking full ownership for your career.

  • Be responsible for the results of your coaching process 

  • Be committed to the coaching sessions and taking consistent action to reach your goals. 

  • Speak your truth; be honest with yourself and your coach, even if it is uncomfortable.

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