Career Breakthrough Program

How far could you go if you knew there was no holding you back?

Is someone else controlling your career path?

Are you carrying around emotional baggage from career wounds?

Are you stalled due to career pain that’s hard to shake?

Are you waiting on that promotion that’s never coming?

Are you working hard, hoping to get noticed, watching other people moving up the career ladder?


What if you could put yourself on the path to where you belong - where you deserve to be! - in your industry?

The 90-Day Solution

As your Chief DriverSeat Officer, I’ve created a program to unlock your career blessings.

What it requires is a partnership between you and me to roll up our sleeves and get to the bottom of your career discontent.

The Career Breakthrough Program is the solution designed to support your career growth.


This is a 90-day program with career content delivered in an interactive way to support greater success in your careers.

What You Get


Half-Day Strategy Intensive Session

  • Consider this a gift to yourself. You get personalized one on one attention to talk about what's happening in your career. You will get to do a deep dive with Simone. The goal is to really get a clear sense of career challenges holding you back and come up with prioritized solutions to unlock your career breakthrough during the program.


3 Education Sessions

  • Once a month for 3 months, virtual education workshops will be provided to support your career goals. Topics range from Personal Branding, Strategic Relationship Building, Action Planning, and more. You will also gain expertise from guest speakers.


3 One on One Career Coaching

  • Once a month, you will receive one-on-one career coaching from your Chief DriverSeat Officer, Simone Morris. During this time, you will get personalized support for your career journey. 


Bonus Program Gifts

  • Accountability Structure and Partnerships to keep you on track with your career goals

  • Career Goals Tracking Worksheet

  • Networking Templates

  • Career Recommendations Report at program completion

“Eye Opening for someone who has been in Corporate America for 35+ years. ” 


Patricia Bobwich

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