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52 Tips For Owning Your Career


Simone E. Morris

Each and everyone of us deserves to be happy in our careers. Part of that happiness comes from taking full ownership of your career. This book's message builds on the importance of being in the driver's seat for one's career. Career Coach, Simone E. Morris provides 52 practical tips for taking control of your career. She outlines her eight-step formula and associated tips to achieve your career goals. Get ready for tips you can immediately implement.

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Learning Groups

Power of Owning Your Career Group

Here our focus is about being hands-on in our careers.
If you're feeling disenchanted, stuck, or just wanting to embrace your life's purposes but not sure how to proceed, I'm here for you and so is this community. It is my hope that you receive the advice and wisdom and make your changes. Take the opportunity to engage and continue the conversations that began on the Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Network, connect, and continue to own your career by leveraging this group as a resource.

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SME Book Club LinkedIn Group

As we continue the Inclusion Journey, this is a safe place to discuss the books we are reading together between our virtual meetings.

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