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Why The Song, Everyday I'm Hustling Is On Repeat In My Head?

Consistently working hard is a requirement for successfully achieving your goals. This concept can be lovingly referred to as hustling. In this post, steps are provided on how to hustle to achieve your goals.

The lyrics to the popular song, Everyday I'm hustling goes . . . 

Everyday I'm hustlin' Hustle, hustlin' hustlin' Hustle, hustlin' hustlin' Hustle, hustlin' hustlin'

Hustle is defined as working hard to achieve a goal.  

Hustle means consistently doing what it takes to be successful.


I like to sing the song as an anthem to remind myself of what is required to be successful. It's fuel to keep focus of what's important to continue the race.

With my entrepreneurial lens, I evaluate whether I'm taking action (walking the talk) to be successful. The answer is YES. My goal is to make my answer a RESOUNDING YES. In order to do so, I make the promise to myself to stay focused on achieving my goals, call myself on inaction and challenge the excuses that sound oh so convincing.  There is much to do.

What about you? What song is playing in your head?

How can you hustle to get what you want?

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  1. Define what it is you want.

  2. Define the actions required to get what you want. If you don't know the actions, set out to find a resource who's done what it is you want to achieve. Arrange an informational interview with that person and gain insights on what is required to get what you want.

  3. Decide if you're willing to take action to achieve what you've outlined as a goal. You should also be clear on your why for the goal.

  4. If you've decided you're willing to do the work, outline what you need to be successful. Do you need an accountability system in place? Someone to check on you to ensure you're doing what you committed to do.  I committed to a 90 day affirmation challenge.  Each day I must write out the affirmation and repeat it aloud.  Thereafter, I must share that I've done the affirmation.  It's been a worthwhile challenge for me. It reminds me that I'm human and that slip ups occur.  The key is to continue to do the work (perseverance).  So I slipped up once and then I felt terrible.  I admitted it and continued the course with encouragement.  Today, I'm on day 81 of the challenge and feeling great about upholding the commitment.  I share that to say, you have to be willing to do the work to be successful.

  5. Get your hustle on. Do the work!

Back to the song, the lyrics continue to say . . . 

Hustle real hard Hustle, hustle real hard Hustle real hard Hustle, hustle real hard Hustlin' hustlin'



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