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A program designed to give you time to focus on creating a career that is designed on your terms. In this program, you soak up inspiration and confidence to soar in your career. Learn strategies to build/improve your personal brand. You gain access to inspirational leaders who share actionable career advice. You walk away with a professional headshot to use to up-level your brand. Best of all, you start to plan for that career you’ve been dreaming of.

Career Breakthrough Program


Career Breakthroug Program


Own and Win in Your Career

This hybrid learning workshop offers participants the opportunity to confidently take control of their careers by learning how to build effective career plans, build strategic relationships, and define how to have a standout personal career brand for results. Join Simone Morris as she takes students on a transformational journey to taking the driverseat in their careers.

What will you get out of the program:

  • Deep-dive learning modules on career strategies for success. 

  • Hands on experience 

  • Personalized Video Feedback on your career action plan.

  • Networking with other career go-getters.


The time is NOW to OWN YOUR CAREER. 

Email for more information.

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My Life My Way Workshops are designed to provide focused time for clarity, definition and planning of your goals. In addition, you'll walk away with tools to support the achievement of your goals. We will teach you what it takes to stay on track with your goals. Click the link below to find out when the next workshop will be held. You are in for inspiration and motivation to embrace a winning year.


Goal Setting and Action Planning for Results


Goal Setting


How to Show up and Win in Your Career with LinkedIn

This one-hour virtual Masterclass covers highlights of the LinkedIn Platform. Gain an overview of the platform and the necessities for a winning profile. Learn opportunities to demonstrate your capabilities without advertising you’re ready for your next opportunity. Learn how to build strategic relationships that you can count on.



Goal Setting, Planning, and Tracking for Success

This one-hour virtual Masterclass covers the process of setting goals, planning goals, and tips and techniques for tracking your goal to ensure you stay on track with reaching your goals.

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