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Order your copy of 52 Tips For Owning Your Career, 2nd Edition by Simone E. Morris. 


52 Tips For Owning Your Career is a must-have resource guide everyone should have in their library to repeatedly refer to for improving career growth. In this second edition of 52 Tips For Owning Your Career, Career Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster Simone E. Morris provides career strategies to refresh, revive and advance your career. Simone empowers professionals with practical strategies to take and maintain the driver's seat. In addition, she provides digestible actions that allow you to prioritize your career in an ever-changing workplace. 


5 star review: A Fantastic Reset or Start!

"Whether you’re just starting out in your career or refreshing a career in progress, this book provides great tips for more professional impact. There are exercises that have practical and thoughtful application, and Simone includes stories of her owner vulnerability, which adds legitimacy, understanding, and a path forward after struggle."

52 Tips For Owning Your Career, 2nd Edition

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