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At Simone Morris Enterprises, we are here to support your leadership transformation. Below you will find resources that give tips on how to own your career and incorporate inclusive leadership. These resources will prepare you for difficult situations and give you the power to control your future. 

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Top 30 Books to
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Inclusive Leadership Book Recommendations

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Power of Owning Your Career Group

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Here our focus is about being hands-on in our careers. Take the opportunity to engage and continue the conversations that began on the Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Network, connect, and continue to own your career by leveraging this group as a resource.

As we continue the Inclusion Journey, this is a safe place to discuss the books we are reading together between our virtual meetings.


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Professional Development Plan

This Professional Development Plan Template is a winner. It gives you a template to fill out with regards to what your plans are for furthering your knowledge in the coming year. Don't wait to be told what you're going to be trained on. Invest in your development by planning out your actions and moving forward with your career. You deserve it. Plan accordingly.

Goal Tracking Worksheet.png

Goal Tracking Worksheet

This Goal Tracking Worksheet is a template to cause ease when tracking your goals. This allows for better planning and decision-making in your career and personal life. 

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