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In Own the Microphone: How More Than 50 of the World's Best Professional Speakers Launched Their Careers (And How You Can, Too!)award-winning international professional speaker Bridgett McGowen, brought together the voices of 50 professional speakers who tell you exactly how they launched their professional speaking careers, and they each give you brilliant advice for how you can launch your own speaking career either as a side gig or full-time. 


This one is a must-read even if you have no interest in getting paid to speak. The stories of resiliency, pressing through when it feels like you cannot take another step, and embracing your unique power will move anyone.


Simone Morris is one of the contributing speakers for this book. See her inspiring message in Chapter 35 of Own the Microphone.


Paperback Book - 340 pages in length


Additional Shipping Charge occurs if book is shipped outside the United States.

Own the Microphone Paperback Book

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