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10 things to tell yourself when rejected

After a week of receiving multiple rejections (or no thanks), I thought I’d write a post on what to do when rejection knocks on your door or lands in your email or mailbox.  You get the idea. You can run but you can’t hide. We all get news that we wish was otherwise at some point. It’s what we do as a next step that demonstrates our resiliency and contributes to our success.

10 things to tell yourself when rejected:

  1. As Iyanla Vanzant said, this too shall pass. Meaning the disappointment will dull with time. The sun does actually come out tomorrow. Cue smile!

  2. After you finish thinking about how you’re the cat’s meow, tell yourself it’s time to find the lesson for each rejection. Do a lessons learned reflection and document what you’ll do differently next go round. It’s entirely possible, you didn’t put your best effort forward. Learn from that truth and move forward.

  3. Not everyone is ready for your brilliance. Timing is key, Try again. Kudos to the Conference Organizers who say no thanks but try again next year. Thanks! I will!

  4. Can’t quote Momma B enough, nothing beats a failure like a try. Remove the word failure and insert rejection. Repeat after me, nothing beats a rejection like another try!

  5. This is a good time to read or start that success log that outlines all your successes. I do it on a yearly basis. Reminders about past wins automatically boost your self-confidence and provides evidence to stay the course.

  6. There’s more fish in the sea. Time to go fishing or learn if you don’t know how. Keep moving! Keep searching until you find your groove. Probably shouldn’t say this but