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Key Career Decisions To Own Your Career

In our careers, we have the opportunity to make many decisions! 

  • What career do we want for ourselves?

  • What position/job do we seek?

  • What company do we want to work for?

  • What business do we want to start for ourselves?

  • Who do we want to work with?

  • Which managers do we want to work for and with?

Sometimes we become so mired in work responsibilities that we can't see that decisions are within our control, making us feel stuck and unhappy with our chosen path. I say chosen because we do have a choice, even if we feel like we don't. Financial or family situations can dictate the direction we think we must take. Understood. However, if that's the case, we can intentionally plan for change at the appropriate time.

Here's what I want you to remember: You have a choice of being a passenger or driver in your career!

Get in the Drivers Seat of your career

Drivers are, you guessed it, in the driver's seat. And passengers are in the front or back seat. Consider which seat you occupy in your career and whether you are happy with that position.