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4 Networking Tips For Those Wanting To Score High Results For Inclusive Events!

95% of effective communications for career and business growth occur due to in-person networking. In response to this need and decreased Covid numbers, many are getting out to attend events in person again. Unfortunately, while much focus has been on building awareness and achieving results around diversity, equity, and inclusion, many of us still struggle to implement our learnings. And when that occurs, it's easier to save face and lean into comfortable everyday behaviors that undermine inclusion goals. This article provides four networking tips to cultivate inclusive events.


Leaders set the tone for the event. Therefore, leaders must model for teams the inclusion expectation. How? Deloitte's Six Signature Inclusive Leadership Traits says that leaders must be mindful of bias, welcome new ideas, embrace risk, be committed, encourage diverse thinking, and be culturally competent. Therefore, leaders can walk the talk by embodying these traits and additional measures. Ideas to implement include:

  1. Team alignment on the commitment and prioritization of diversity, equity, and inclusion will minimize misinterpretation. Being prescriptive about expectations sends a strong message about the priority of inclusion.

  2. Leaders who reflect and plan inclusive actions ahead of time will shine. Stop to engage, welcome, and make personalized introductions that make everyone feel welcome. Doing so shows support for the DEI vision.


Having event ambassadors and buddies at our events is a proactive move. Who wouldn't want to receive a personal greeting from a friendly face? Seek out and include introverts and diverse audience members to provide additional support. Ensure welcoming teams have the skills, help, and resources needed to prevent inclusion goals from going awry. Provide conversation starters as a resource to promote authentic dialogue.


Communicating our commitment to attendees ahead of an event is par for the course. Proactive attention and focus on the inclusive approach and expectations make good business sense. There are many lessons to learn from the care and attention to Covid precautionary measures that instill comfort and confidence in being safe at events. Similar attention