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Simone Morris Enterprises LLC is a certified business founded in 2015. The company provides inclusive leadership solutions that include consulting on creating an inclusive workplace, training, and facilitation for employees on successfully navigating teams and the workplace, and coaching senior leaders on rebounding from inclusion mistakes that keep them up at night. We are partners that help leaders show up and shine as their authentic selves.

Our Services
We extend teams by providing solutions to support industries and clients nationally.

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Leadership Presentation

Speaking & Facilitation

Learn more about our services and how we can empower you and your teams:


DEI Strategy

Wanting to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace is a start, but you need to have a practical strategy and implementation plan to achieve change.

We will look at where your company is on the journey, where you hope to be and create a strategy and road map to get there.

C-Suite Support

The journey to become more inclusive is filled with bumbles and stumbles.

Leaders make mistakes which they need to own and learn how to move forward.

We'll help you with the process and give you the tools to be able to "bumble, stumble, and rise" as in your journey.

Learn about our new DEIB Monthly Leadership Support

Employee Engagement

Do you have a DEI strategy in place and need to understand how it is working? Are your employees seeing positive changes.

Let us create an employee engagement survey to learn how things are going, analyze the results and create a plan for fixes along the way. Remember, creating an inclusive workplace is a journey.

ERG Leadership Support

Employee Resource Groups are a great way to engage employees in cultural awareness, diversity activities, and creating inclusive environments. There needs to be structure, goals and an actionable plan to make ERGs effective. Let us work with your ERG Leadership to create a road map to rewarding engagement.



Women's Leadership

We give women the guidance and tools needed to confidently accelerate their career journeys while embracing their authentic selves.

Learn More

Inclusive Leadership

Our Inclusive Leadership Immersion Course offers a 4-session online program where leaders learn to create safe and equitable workplaces for all!

Learn More

2024 Career Programs

We have 2 exciting new programs for 2024.

  • 2024 - 24 Minute Career Strategy Consultation

  • Career Maximization 6-Month Program

Learn More


Speaking & Facilitation

Focus Groups & Listening Sessions

Learning how your employees feel about the work culture is important.

We will facilitate diverse focus groups, creating a safe space for your team to share their experiences; enabling leadership to make meaningful changes to build a more inclusive environment.

Webinars, Panel Moderation, and Live Speaking Engagements

Building equitable and inclusive workplaces starts with listening.

Learning from leadership and employees through firsthand conversations will start the process for change. 

Like focus groups, listening sessions in a safe environment, will bring to light areas that need change to build inclusion.



We offer opportunities to customize our training based on customer requirements.

Online Training

We offer online training that is both virtual instructor led and self-paced, allowing your remote and hybrid teams optimal collaboration opportunities.

Live Training

We offer in person opportunities to engage your audience on inclusive leadership and talent retention support.

Events Calendar

Stay up to date on our current and upcoming programs on our SME Events page.

Modern Office

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