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Looking for a gift for the person who loves to read, enjoys professional development, and wants to grow in their careers. Look no further. Our book bundle, priced well, is just the gift you need in your life. 


 52 Tips for Owning Your Career, 2nd Edition: Practial Advice for Career Success

>>Packed with tips to help you soar in your career. 


The Power of Owning Your Career

>> Get inspired by 14 diverse leaders who tell you what it takes to win in your career. Learn their formulas for success and how they overcame career obstacles to be at the top of their game.


Achievement Unlocked

>> Ready to do the work. We've got you covered. Delve deep into the nuts and bolts of achieving your goals. Templates included.


Get all three books today for yourself and for that special someone in your life.

Book Bundle

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