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Slow Down You Move Too Fast

How the heck are we already in October? I want to say to the time, "slow down, you move too fast."  Seriously, it is.  If you're like me, you're feeling like whoa, I better get a move on to achieve those goals.  In the midst of taking action on my goals , I took a detour to my favorite place.  You wouldn't believe it but I love libraries.  Seriously I do.  I love to read and I did a lot of reading as a child.  Of course, I read a lot of romance novels but we won't talk about those.  I promise you, I've graduated into more mature reading (i.e. self-help -- this is where you smile). 

I didn't visit the library to read but instead to focus on my goals.  The process of documenting goals started way before the retreat and have since been tweaked.  However, I felt there was an opportunity to review and finalize my goals and that's what brought me to the library.  The library is super crowded and there's no quiet room for me but I do find a space to decompress, download, and reflect.  I had no idea mid-terms fell so early in January.  This is probably because I'm not still in high school.

I want to share with you lessons that I take from finalizing my goals.  I hope you will find it useful and that you'll follow a similar practice to document, reflect, and ready yourself for some serious action.

My lessons for today:

  • Walk your talk. This includes me. I'm big on planning but it's so easy to jump to executing on a goal. You have to be really intentional to pump your brakes to slow down and evaluate what's happening before you start taking action. Today, I pumped the brakes to look back on my goals for the year. And I allowed myself time to populate the columns in my goal sheet. Those columns are Measurable Goal, Budget, Priority, Impact, Success Looks Like, Support, Status, and Reward. That can be quite taxing when all I want to do is get started because there is so much to do. However, as a best practice, I suggest taking the time up front and being clear on what it is you want to achieve and why you're