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Remember Me, Grammy P.

A Story of How a Grandparent’s Dementia
is a Child’s Journey Too!

Written by Simone E. Morris
Millie Walton

Illustrated by Audeva Joseph & Millie Walton

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Dementia has painfully impacted our family. The late beautiful Grammy P. lived with dementia. The journey included helplessly watching our loved one lose connections and eventually life right before our eyes. Feeling disconnected from the vibrancy of the human spirit challenged everyone in the family.


This book, written for reading ages 7-10 years old, explores our family's journey, showcasing the power of unconditional love along with resources to support others on a similar journey. We invite you to pick up a copy of this beautifully poignant story of an impactful family moment that promotes awareness, discussions, and understanding of this critical health related topic.


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Simone E. Morris is a coach, trainer, speaker, podcaster, and author passionate about inclusion. Simone is the daughter of Grammy P. and a mom to Millie. Wanting to help other families on the dementia journey, she wrote Remember Me, Grammy P., as a tribute to her mother, emphasizing a poignant memory of family connections over a board game. While Simone realizes that she is grieving the loss of her relationship with her mother, she also realizes this transformational journey is one the whole family must take.

Millie Walton is a third-grader passionate about reading, art, soccer, acting, and singing. Millie also loves games like Uno, Old Maid, Jenga, and Trouble. She remains curious and asks many questions about the dementia journey and when a cure will happen. Millie's relationship with Grammy P. reflects love. During the dementia journey, Millie must now adapt to the new Grammy P., even if it's challenging for her. She plays a pivotal role in providing Grammy P. with
unconditional love. Her artwork appears in Remember Me, Grammy P.

Audeva Joseph is a native Haitian, born and raised in Port Au Prince. As far as she can remember, Audeva has always wanted to become an artist. She is passionate about art, communication, and entertainment. As a professional illustrator, she has illustrated several children’s books. She takes pride in painting into life instructive stories that uplift children, and bring awareness to special situations.

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