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Pre-Order your copy of Remember Me, Grammy P. written by Simone E. Morris and her daughter Millie Walton with illustrations by Audeva Joseph & Millie Walton.  Dementia has painfully impacted our family. Our beautiful Grammy P. was diagnosed and lives with dementia. The journey includes helplessly watching your loved one lose connections right before your eyes, and it is a painful process. Feeling disconnected from the vibrancy of the human spirit challenges everyone in the family. This book explores our family's journey,showcasing love and resources to support others on a similar journey. We invite you to pick upa copy of this beautifully poignant story of an impactful family moment that promotes awareness, discussions, and understanding of this critical topic.


The book will be out the first week of February, 2024! Order your autographed copy today.


Remember Me, Grammy P.

Expected to launch in early February
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