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3 Tips for the Inclusion Journey

I have three pieces of advice for those of you on the inclusion journey.


  • You mean well, and you have a hiccup and vow to get back to making diversity and inclusion a priority, but time and other priorities delay you. Not to worry. I'm encouraging you to rise to the challenge. All jokes aside, when you have hiccups, you can still proceed with your inclusion goals. It's not always easy, but commitment is needed, for we are living in a time where every inclusive leader is a massive help to navigate the new world.


  • Being in a state of perpetual learning is exhausting. There is so much to learn, and it can dissuade us from continuing. I want to encourage you to carve out ongoing learning time in your schedule. Not only does it build your confidence, but it equips you with the tools you need to thrive as an inclusive leader.


  • Many occurrences are going on that can cause discomfort because we don't know what to say or what to do. I want to encourage you to dance with the discomfort as inclusive leaders. Know that ignoring relevant conversations that impact the world and your workplace is a necessity. Right now, the Derek Chauvin trial is going on. George Floyd's murder was and is a cataclysmic moment for inclusion. The workplace changed greatly. More Chief Diversity Officers hired. More listening conversations. More money committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. All the more reason for us to embrace change and set ourselves up for success as inclusive leaders.

  • Be self-aware and clue into the consumption style that works best for you. Be well versed in what's happening as the unfolding is sure to impact how employees show up in the workplace. Don't ignore elephants threatening to join the workplace. 2020 taught us that that's no longer a plausible move. We have to learn how to dance with elephants. On my desk is the book, My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem. It was recommended to me by fellow DEI practitioners, and I know that I'll be reading it in the near term. If you've read it, let me know what you think.

  • The hate crimes that are targeting Asian-Americans are front and center. I have been watching the unfolding and dismayed by the sheer cruelty. I am still pondering what I want to write about as I further unpack my understanding of what seems highly irrational and cruel. Please check out the Stop AAPI hate website to learn more and find out how you can help.

  • Georgia's law changes are also front and center, and it centers around voter suppression, and much is at stake. Leaders have come together to use their influence on the conversation. Pay attention to this conversation as well fellow inclusive leaders.

As you can see, there's much going on that touches upon the fight for inclusion. There is much to be thoughtful about and intentional as well as inclusive leaders. I'm here to support you on the journey. As always, please reach out with any questions or comments.



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