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Ellevate Jam Session - Inclusive Networking (Speaker)

If you’ve ever felt like an outsider or a wallflower during a networking event, this session is for you! Every professional wants to be good at networking because of the countless opportunities that occur when we know what to say and do. But networking—especially inclusive networking— doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. Although most professionals know what to do, some of us frequently hesitate to step outside our comfort zones, so we waste golden opportunities to advance our goals. In this session, we focus on the art of inclusive networking. Using role-play, you’ll gain crucial insights about how to excel as a savvy networker while discovering ways to be more inclusive when you plan events, so you can reap better-than-usual results.

Whether you’re an attendee at a networking event or its planner, you can play a crucial role when it comes to making everyone feel welcome. This is a must-attend session for outreach-centric companies, associations, and conferences whose intentions include creating an inclusive space for every demographic within your target audience.