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Looking The Part: Why Inclusive Teaming Is A Must When Working To Diversify The Enterprise

2022 continues to prompt action for more diversity, equity, and inclusion agendas. However, many of us may feel overly anxious to do something, and something quickly. That burning desire could equate to a tactical goal of creating more diversity in areas under our remit due to the persistent focus on the importance and benefits of diversification. And, frankly, if your space lacks diversity, it is perceived as lagging, which may prompt hasty tactical actions to make progress on the inclusive leadership journey. This article provides tips on moving forward while acknowledging the importance of pausing for proactive reflection and adopting more effective strategies for more significant impact.

When bringing people together to focus on diversification goals, the team leadership, members, and approach are critical to overall success. Below I outline some tips to set us up for success.

Do the work to ensure you have an inclusive team.

Ensure The Team Has The Right Members

We must have an effective leader leading the charge. Such leaders must demonstrate behaviors that welcome differing input from team members. We must be mindful of ingesting information and rephrasing it with personally biased language