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Six Weekend Activities That Build Inclusive Leadership Skills

Inclusive leaders aren't off the clock when the weekend rolls around. The day job may stop, but the continuous learning must not. There are ample opportunities to grow your leadership skills on a personal front. And the education can be a fun opportunity. Inclusive leaders intentionally seek to develop and bolster skills as it's a journey with constant challenges that can't be all resolved during working hours.

Here are six opportunities inclusive leaders can take advantage of this weekend.


Podcasts provide short bursts of learning in a digestible format and can be consumed on the go. Use the podcast search feature to type in inclusive leadership and consume differing perspectives and conversations on the topic. One suggestion to check out is the Oprah Book Club Podcast on Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.


Consumption of articles and books provides growth for inclusive leadership skills and can be a shared experience. In addition, joining a book club allows additional support for processing content that provokes deep reflection. The highly recognized and Amazon Editor's Pick, We are Not Like Them by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza, is a worthwhile book to consume this weekend.


Attending events is a great way to experience new cultures. Eventbrite or Meetup are great places to explore to find activities and events to up your cultural awareness. Options include being intentional with searching for inclusive leadership or scrolling to notice what's available. An excellent first step is to define the area of interest or opportunity for growth to narrow the focus. Also, consider broadening your reach by expanding the proximity of your search.

Additional Approaches To Consider:

  1. Get familiar with holiday and heritage celebrations.

  2. Reflect and decide what opportunities exist to learn more about diversity, equity, inclusion, or belonging.

  3. Seek input from friends or family and make the learning a joint experience.

The local library also has an event calendar. Check out offerings and if nothing strikes interest, boldly reach out to suggest programming.


Premium television is offering much guidance around inclusive leadership content. First, consider trial offerings, usually days in length, to consume new inclusive content this weekend. For example, Netflix offers searches on celebrating heritage months. Additionally, hone in on topics to narrow focus. HBO Max offers shows like Julia, And Just Like That are examples of television shows focused on upping the ante on inclusive learning experiences.

Social Media

The weekend provides an opportunity to diversify social media consumption. Stray off the beaten path and research interest groups to engage in and increase inclusive leadership capabilities. Of course, be respectful and define how to engage on the platforms upfront. In addition, it is prudent to determine the handling of differences proactively. Finally, why not try out a new platform? Tik Tok, for example, has many inclusive leaders to explore.

Place of Worship

Trying out a new place of worship is an opportunity to stretch perspective. Recently, I met a minister and his husband. The mental note was that there's an opportunity to attend the worship service to broaden my perspective. Do the research and be open to an experience outside of one's comfort zone. Exposure opportunities include music, connections, and global awareness of missionary causes.

This article was originally published in Forbes.



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