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Walk the Talk: Which Companies Are Stepping Up to Support #Blacklivesmatter

In my world, walk the talk means doing what you say you're going to do. Not just talking but taking action to support your talking points. When it comes to the Black Community, all eyes are on everyone to ensure people are walking their talk in regards to supporting #blacklivesmatter. The CEO Action Committee was formed in 2017 with CEO from various industries who've made the commitment to integrating diversity and inclusion in their organizations. To see how companies are responding to #blacklivesmatter, click here. Now just because a company is a part of the CEO action committee doesn't mean that they won't be questioned. Challenges are constantly being issued when your talk doesn't match your actions and there are consequences.

The following is a list of companies who've been challenged to live up to their talk/walk:

  • Facebook has struggled with authenticity when it comes to fair messaging on its platform.