There's Never Been a Better Time to Build Your Inclusive Leadership Muscles!

Are you questioning how inclusive you are? Recent events have caused the world to pause and choose a side in the fight against racism. Everything is being questioned and scrutinized with a lens on whether or not there is authenticity in words and actions. The world will change as a result. Not only will organizations have to change but individuals will also have to change. Get a jumpstart on skills required for the new world. Start the work on yourself as an individual. Learn more about inclusion and what you can do to create change. The class also delves into what organizations can do as well to build their inclusive muscles.


The program is designed to give participants space to share their feelings, stay abreast of inclusive news, pick up best practices for inclusive leadership, have accountability support for transformation, and more. Join me and others on the inclusion journey as we come together in a 6-week, intimate, intense, interactive, and intuitive circle for people who want to explore how they can show up and excel at inclusive leadership. This will be a space for learning and transformation.


"I really appreciated the time for conversation at the end of the session. This is a heavy, human topic that carries lots of emotions and opinions. It was nice to get to open up with others in the group to share how I was feeling and to listen to others." 


  • Module 1: Inclusive Leadership Foundation 

  • Module 2: Inclusive Leadership Best Practices

  • Module 3: Recruitment and Retention Inclusion Strategies 

  • Module 4: Building Inclusive Communities

  • Module 5: Inclusive Leadership Technology Overview 

  • Module 6: How to Walk The Talk on the Inclusion Journey


  • 1.5 hour weekly sessions held virtually

  • Hands on experience

  • Accountability partnership support

  • Online access to course during program



  • July 13 - August 17 , 2020 (July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10, and August 17th)

  • Start Time: 12:00 PM EST


  • CLICK HERE to apply. The cost to join this program is $299/individual. Customization available for groups that want to experience the program together.


**Applications are due  by 12PM Eastern Time on Friday July 9th.**

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