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As race relations and social injustice continue to bubble up as top discussions from the pavement to the boardroom, individuals (and employers) are being called out for failing to demonstrate that they actively embrace and value a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Now, notice that I said, “actively.” You see, long gone are the days when leaders, executives, and corporations can talk the talk without walking the walk. Consumers want to see how leaders and employers take a stand to combat racism and close the gap against social injustice.

And while this doesn’t seem like an outlandish request, the problem is that many employers and even corporate leaders have no idea how to exercise their inclusive leadership muscles and come out on the winning side of race relations.

The world as we know it is changing! The workplace hosts a diverse mix of generations and cultures that demand us to collaborate and innovate together for optimal results.   

And that’s where the Inclusion Bootcamp comes in.

"I would highly recommend this program to those who are dedicated to developing an inclusive workforce. It doesn't matter if you feel you haven't even begun or if you've made a lot of progress in this journey. The Inclusion Bootcamp will provide the opportunity to collaborate with others who have committed to the same work and you will also develop relationships with others that will likely last beyond the 6 weeks and continue to enhance the work that you are doing as you work towards success." -- Averi Dudek, Director, Human Resources

As an employer or a corporate leader, I know you want your sphere of influence to be more inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds.

As a human resource (HR) professional, I know you’d love to “close the gaps” in your workplace when it comes to hiring Black and Brown people.

And whether you’re an employer, a corporate executive, or HR professional, you wouldn’t be here reading this page if you didn’t believe it’s more important than ever to embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion because of what’s going on in the world today.

And that’s exactly what you can count on me to help you do.

"This program will help you to expand your view and be a stronger inclusive leader. It will give you various ways to strengthen your leadership from recruitment strategies to understanding it's okay to stumble, bumble and rise." -- Josslyn Grindle, Vice President, Human Resources


Hi, I’m Simone Morris, an inclusion practitioner and coach. I created the Inclusion Bootcamp to empower individuals and companies to become more inclusive leaders.

During Inclusion Bootcamp, a 6-week intensive program, you’ll navigate the ins and outs of becoming a more inclusive leader, HR professional, or employer by exploring the following:

Module 1: Inclusive Leadership Foundation. Connect and converse with peers about your current place on the Inclusion Journey and learn crucial concepts for becoming an inclusive leader. Assess your intercultural competence and begin your development plan for transformation.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the business case for inclusive leadership.

  • Recognize the challenges of inclusion.

  • Identify whether you are genuinely an inclusive leader.

  • Learn the core inclusive leadership behaviors.

  • Master strategies to build your inclusive leadership muscles

  • Find out which companies are doing inclusion well.

Module 2: Inclusive Leadership Best Practices. Learn and master the behavioral traits of inclusive leaders so you can advance in the right direction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Receive resources to support inclusive leadership capabilities.

  • Learn eight best practices for inclusive leadership.


Module 3: Recruitment and Retention Inclusion Strategies. Discover how to find and retain employees from diverse backgrounds, even if your company is starting at ground zero.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn where there are opportunities for inclusion in the recruitment opportunities.

  • Practice and learn how to remove bias from the hiring process.

  • Gain nineteen (19) examples of where to conduct diverse recruiting.

  • Learn six (6) opportunities to improve inclusion in the retention process.


Module 4: Building Inclusive Communities. Unlock 3 powerful strategies for leveraging communities to build more inclusion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore twelve (12) avenues to leverage diverse communities.

  • Discuss how affinity groups can serve as options for fostering inclusion.


Module 5: Inclusive Leadership Technology Overview. Explore innovative technologies that foster inclusion in the workplace.


Key Takeaways:​

  • Explore technologies that support inclusive environments.

  • Create a plan for using technologies to investigate your culture.

  • Learn four (4) questions to ask to help to define inclusive technology requirements.

  • Create your 90-Day Inclusive Leadership Action Plan and receive feedback on your plan.

Module 6: How to Walk the Talk on the Inclusion Journey. Come full circle within your group to align actions with words for inclusive leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Present your 90-Day Inclusive Leadership Action Plan

  • Gain practical examples of organizations and CEO’s who are doing inclusion well (Walk the Talk)

  • Learn thirteen (13) opportunities to take to create more inclusion (Walk the Talk)

  • Learn how to continue building your inclusive leadership muscles




This program is perfect for executives wanting to strengthen their inclusive leadership skills, HR professionals and employers needing to build upon existing training, and anyone wishing to be more inclusive.

There are no more public classes scheduled for 2021. To be notified when new classes become available or to inquire about custom delivery, please email smorris@simonemorrisenterprises.org


What is the duration of the course?

The course runs for six weeks.

What day and time is the course held?

The course is held every Tuesday (for 6 weeks) from12:00 PM EST - 1:30 PM EST. Depending on the size of the class, the class end time may adjust by 15 minutes.


What is the learning commitment required for the program?

To receive full credit for the course, participants are required to:

  1. Attend 6 live sessions (runs for 1-1.5 hours). Replays are available.

  2. Meet with accountability partner once a week (30 minutes)

  3. Complete Weekly Homework (1 hour/week)

  4. Create and Present Inclusion Action Plan

How many students are in the class?

The class size is typically 12 participants. If you have registered for a class with low attendance, we will invite you to either take advantage of our virtual on-demand option or choose the next available course date.


What is the cost of the course?

The cost of the public course is $997/participant. For private custom courses, email smorris@simonemorris.com for information.


Does this program have any accreditations?

This program has been approved for 7.5 SHRM recertification

credits and 6 HRCI credits. ICF CCE credits are also available.


"It was such an amazing experience. We are so grateful for you and your training"

-- Noely Sanchez, Business Operations Administrator

SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Sea
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