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Our Partners

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Inclusion & Diversity Partners

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Working together to create a more inclusive culture.

Would you like to join our mission in making workplace culture more inclusive? Become a partner and join our network of inclusion experts, training practitioners today.

Meet Our Partners


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We coach seasoned professional women on advancing their careers in the new workplace. We also provide learning opportunities and tools to support leading and thriving in an inclusive environment.


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We provide support to corporate, government and organizational leaders who are ready to build and sustain their diversity, equity and inclusion skills as leaders and mentors. We know they are consistently scrutinized and need to make difficult decisions while ensuring their teams feel respected, heard, and appreciated. 

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We offer an extension of support to agencies who are focused on developing leaders in the workplace. We provide partnership that builds cultural competency through consulting, training, and coaching opportunities.

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We support Human Resource Leaders in the workplace by empowering them with the tools to support the transforming workplace. We provide spaces for emotional support and clarity in how to foster an inclusive workplace. 

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We believe that long-term collaboration is the key to unlocking change.

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