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"An inclusive workplace is one that taps people's passion and desire to do their personal best."

            -Simone Morris

Your Leadership Opportunity Starts Here

Today’s leaders must be adaptable and equipped with skills to navigate the ever-changing workplace.

  • They must adapt to external pressures that make it extremely difficult to focus on business as usual. In essence, leaders must bolster their capabilities to help communities process and navigate these stressors.

  • They must know how to authentically support differing identities in the workplace.

  • They must deal with the lasting impact of navigating a pandemic that calls for an ever-changing workplace. As a result, there is a necessity to have capabilities to effectively manage workers in innovative work settings.

These needs can be exhausting, especially when there isn’t a lot of knowledge on how to show up successfully in the new workplace. We’re here to change that!


That’s where the Inclusive Leadership Immersion course comes in.

We invite you to an Inclusive Leadership Immersion course offered in a
safe space designed for experiential learning, peer support
and a transformative journey.

We have designed the Inclusive Leadership Immersion course to set you up for success.

What Past Participants Are Saying

"This program will help you to expand your view and be a stronger inclusive leader. It will give you various ways to strengthen your leadership from recruitment strategies to understanding it's okay to stumble, bumble and rise.
Josslyn Grindle, Vice President, Human Resources
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