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Meet Simone

A Career Strategist who helps women to take ownership of their careers and  take steps to confidently advance their careers.

Are you at a career crossroad?

It happens to the best of us. We get to a place in our career where we find we are just not happy nor fulfilled and yearning for more. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • You're scratching your head over poor performance feedback that you don't know what to do with.

  • You have a bad boss who is not recognizing the value of your contributions.

  • You're not thriving in your current culture.

  • You lack key relationships that prevent you from advancing in your career.

  • You are not feeling engaged and instead feel de-motivated with where you are in your career. 

Simone understands and is ready to help you win in your career.


When you're saying Enough is Enough, it's time to enlist the help of Career Coach, Simone Morris! She can help you with solutions to regain your career joy.

Simone's Story and Mission

Simone Morris found her calling and message to empower women to take control of their careers. She says her driver's seat moment came when she stopped convincing others of her worth, believed in her talents and accepted her new path. 

Partners for Career Coaching:

Experience your career breakthrough!

Career Maintenance:

Every career needs maintenance. Simone works with her clients to ensure they are on track to meet their career goals. This is your opportunity to partner with Simone for your career success. 3, 6, 9, and 12 month career coaching options available.

Career Mastermind Program:

Learn and grow your career with other go-getters. Education sessions and one-on-one coaching is provided with this option. 

Career VIP Day:

The Ultimate Level Up VIP Experience for Career Transformation. This experience includes a Strategy Intensive Session  (develop career action plan, define strategic partnerships, and outline approach to promote your personal brand).  Leave your VIP Day feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated to soar in your career.

Career Tune Up:
Ad-hoc laser coaching to highlight career challenge and provide recommendations for improvement 

Career Excellence Book Circle: 

Stay inspired and in action with your career leveraging a virtual Book Study Group to review relevant career resources over a 3 week period.

“The difference I feel right now, compared to when I started coaching with Simone, is that I have someone who will help me to continue climbing, whatever that journey is and I have more focus and clarity.” 



Podcasts & Features: Career Winning Advice from Simone

With extensive experience as a coach, trainer, and business owner, Simone has a unique ability to view a person’s circumstances through a multitude of lenses and arrive at an effective, targeted, and fresh plan that lights a fire in her clients’ eyes and that puts a can-do spirit in their hearts. 


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