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Where Are You On The
Inclusive Leadership Journey?
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Inclusion is so complicated. 

It seems like a simple word, yet many things get in the way of creating inclusive cultures and being an inclusive leader. For example, we battle the one-and-done concept, where we take one data point and run with it. Have you ever used one data point to decide between hiring and promoting others? Have you been able to get your biases under control to minimize the impact on your work? Have you congratulated yourself for doing a fine job in being inclusive only to discover the next day that you still have a steep hill to climb?

Let's consider the following . . . 


  • It can be so easy to say the wrong thing. 

  • It can be so easy to only rely on what you read in your employee engagement surveys.

  • It can be so easy to believe you’re covering all bases by providing diversity and inclusion training to your staff.

  • It can be so easy to believe that your environment provides equality for all.

  • It can be so easy to believe that work is just about work.

We get it. The inclusion journey can be EXHAUSTING! 

 That's where we come in. We are inclusion thought partners who help our clients to do the work to become authentic, inclusive leaders and create inclusive workplace cultures that increases employee engagement, gains higher productivity and impacts bottom line revenue numbers.

Simone Morris Enterprises LLC is a certified minority women-owned business that provides leadership solutions for our clients.

We work across diverse industries and give our clients confidence in building and sustaining their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Simone Morris conducted a Power of Owning Your Career workshop with our ERGs. By far, was the best career workshop that we ever had at our organization. Simone was engaging, candid, super knowledgeable and made the attendees feel so relaxed throughout the discussion. She has a real passion for what she does and it comes through in her workshops. I had several attendees send me positive notes after the session and we are looking to engage Simone on future workshops for our organization.


Traci Lashley - Director, People Business Partner, Heineken USA

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